Samsung 65W Power Adapter Trio


– Interface: USB-C, USB-A
– Input voltage: 100-240 V
– Output voltage (normal charge): 5V

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Free up space in your bag or backpack by replacing up to three of your current chargers with the original Samsung Power Adapter Trio. It offers a way to fast-charge a wide range of compatible devices at their optimal speeds.

Samsung Trio power adapter, as the name suggests, has three ports, allowing you to charge three devices simultaneously. Two of the ports are USB-C, while the third one is the USB-A port.

Samsung Trio charger of 65W allows most of its power only in the first USB-C port, the second has a maximum of 25W, and the USB-A port has up to 15W. When you charge more than one device simultaneously, the watts amount of each port changes. Using the three inputs at once, you will have 35W, 25W, and 15W output power.

– Original Samsung Power Adapter Trio offers Super Fast Charging up to 65W
– With three ports, it can charge up to three compatible devices simultaneously
– First USB Type-C port supports PD 3.0 and SFC (Super Fast Charging) up to 65W
– Second USB Type-C port supports PD 3.0 and SFC (Super Fast Charging) up to 25W
– USB-A port supports Adaptive Fast Charging up to 15W
– Protects devices from overcurrent, short circuits, and high temperatures
– Using this charger, you can fast-charge a wide range of devices at their optimal speeds
– Samsung Trio charger is a great replacement for up to three of your current chargers
– Please note that the charging cable is not included in the package

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