Baseus SIMU ANC True Wireless Earphones S1 Pro


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Model No: Baseus SIMU S1 Pro
  • Material : ABS+PC
  • Version : V5.1
  • Standby time: 300 hours
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1. Active noise
Cancellation mode The built-in active noise cancellation mode can eliminate approximately 95% of ambient noise, isolating external interference and creating a quiet environment.

2. Ambient sound mode In ambient sound
Mode, the ambient sound can be louder, allowing you to sense the environment without removing the headphones.

3. Wireless V5.2 Technology
The latest V5.2 wireless technology, plus dual primary earbuds provide a more stable connection, eliminating stuttering, disconnection and low latency.

4.LDS antenna
Large area LDS antenna guarantees wider and stronger signals, and the wireless transmission distance can be up to 15 meters for stable signals like wired earphones.

5. High quality AAC / SBC decoding
Reduce sound loss and restore original sound.


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