Baseus Metal Gleam Series 8in1 USB-C To 3x USB 3.0 + HDMI + USB-C PD + Ethernet RJ45 + MicroSD/SD Hub


• Material: Aluminium alloy
• Craft: Sandblasting and anodizing
• Colour: Space Grey
• Input Connector: Type-C
• PD port: 5V / 9V / 14.5V / 20V 5A (Max.)
• 4K HD: Supports 4K@60Hz HD Display
• 3x USB3.0: Supports 5Gbps, and is backward compatible with USB 2.0
• SD/MicroSD port: Support SD2.0 data transmission and simultaneous read
• RJ45 Network port: Supports 10Mbps,100Mbps,1000Mbps

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The constant miniaturization of electronic equipment is the reason why many modern computers, especially laptops and All-in-One workstations, have only 1 or 2 USB ports.

The small size is of course an undeniable advantage of current computers, but sometimes it can also be a cause of minor inconvenience. These problems start when you need to connect, for example, an additional monitor, printer or network cable.

Is there anything you could do in this situation? Of course, reach for the Baseus HUB. With its help, you can transform a single USB Type-C port of your computer into 8 additional connectors!

But that’s not all. You can also connect the adapter to your phone, tablet or Android TV set-top box (the device must be equipped with a USB Type C OTG port). In addition, if you only have 1 USB Type C port, the adapter also allows you to connect the device to a power supply of up to 100 W.

Make up your mind now and take advantage of every functionality that this HUB 8 in 1 offers!


8 built-in ports that extend the capabilities of your laptop, phone or tablet.
It allows you to connect an external power supply with a power of up to 100 W.
Image support up to 4K 30 Hz.
Built-in 1Gbps network card
Connecting and reading two memory cards at the same time
Compact size.
Works in Plug & Play standard, no need to install drivers.


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